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Leverage the power of options – begin generating monthly cash flow in just 7 minutes a week!
Learn to Trade Options in Just 7 Minutes a Week
You want the most for your dollar, don't you? By intelligently using options trading, you can leverage the money that you already have. Learn from experts on how to use options to get the most out of every one of your investment dollars.
Watch over the shoulders of our option trading experts as they trade the markets. Our Trading Team explains in detail every option trade that we do, from entry to exit.
Every week, you will receive newsletter e-mails with all the details of our newest trade idea, including a sample screenshot of how to place your options order if you decide that the trade is right for you. No wonder our members love trading options.
Knowledge is…?
You have heard that "Knowledge is Power!" While we agree, our Trading Team's mantra is a little different - we say "Knowledge is MONEY!"
In real estate, the most successful investors leverage their investing capital. Smart real estate investors would rather leverage the capital they have to get control of several properties at once rather than spending all of their available cash on just one property.
In the same brilliant manner, options traders leverage their investment capital to get into several options investments at once rather than spending all of their capital on just one stock.
Our Trading Team has a successful track record of trading options – knowing which trades to do and when to do them. You’ll learn how to trade options, too, as we discuss in detail the logic behind every trade entry, adjustment and exit.
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No More Excuses!
The number one reason we hear why people are not taking control of their investment portfolio is, "I just don't have the time." We have come up with a solution that anyone - yes, anyone! - can do with just 7 free minutes a week! If you can't find 7 free minutes out of the 10,000 minutes you have every week, then you are simply not taking your financial future seriously. So, are you ready for better returns? Stop making excuses and start leveraging your money!
How Much Money Will I need?
Much less than you would think! An allocation of just a few hundred dollars per trade for this strategy will typically be enough to allow participation in each option trade that we highlight and track. While there can be no assurance that any individual trade will be successful, our track record has certainly been impressive.
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